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Choose your pricing plan

  • Diving Deep

    Single 60 minute session
    Valid for one month
    • Solutions to a limiting problem
    • Identify your strengths
    • Identify your limitations
    • Better understanding of who God created you to be
    • Co-author a plan that gets you closer to your goals
  • Best Value

    Become the BEST YOU!

    Every month
    Unlock your potential while finding success & happiness
    Valid for 4 months
    • 16 weeks of coaching
    • Eight 60 minute video calls
    • Weekly 15-20 minute check in calls
    • Identify core of your problem & implement the best solutions
    • Deeper understanding of your natural self
    • Identify strengths & limitations
    • Identify what's stopping you from your next level
    • Implement plans to get closer to goals
    • Weekly motivations
    • Flight Assessment
  • Walking in Purpose

    Every month
    True prosperity begins as you're walking in your purpose
    Valid for 8 months
    • Coaching over 32 weeks
    • Sixteen 60-minute sessions
    • Weekly Calls up to 30 minutes
    • Everything in "Becoming Best You" Plan
    • Understand who God has called you to be
    • Help to find & walk in the path towards your purpose
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